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Biochar Production Technology

Biochar Production Equipment Technology...Today

Equipment for making biochar can be as simple as a primitive campfire or as complex as a modern bio-refinery. The basic process is called pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis is the breaking down (lysis) of a material by heat (pyro). As the material is broken down, it releases gas. This is the first step in the gasification of biomass.

This large capacity fast pyrolysis plant by Dynamotive (Canada) makes bio-oil with biochar as a side product:


This rotary pyrolysis reactor from 3R Agrocarbon produces biochar and syngas:

Flexible feedstock units with energy co-generation, utilize a variety of feedstocks such as greenwaste, agricultural cast-offs like cornstalks, alfalfa and switchgrass, straw, woody weeds, wood, poultry litter, etc., readily converted into biochar, bioenergy and biofuels.

The BEST ENERGIES slow pyrolysis reactor incorporates an electrical generator operating on syngas, an important by-product of the biochar pyrolysis process.


This portable poultry litter pyrolyzer, developed by Foster Agblevor at Virginia Tech, makes bio-oil and biochar:



Diagram of gasification; notice pyrolysis occuring above and prior to gasification before the biomass is exposed to oxygen

(Courtesy Ecoprods.com)  http://ecoprods.com/